Sectors and professions

The Eltek Group is a young and dynamic reality; its approx. 800 collaborators operate between Piemonte, Valle d’ Aosta, Brazil, Poland, Switzerland and China with an international vocation and a capacity of dealing with customers and partners all over the world.


The values

In the Eltek Group we are convinced that the best results can only be achieved through constant commitment and excellence of each single collaborator. In this sense we are trying to guarantee human resources such to pursue the following values:

Professional growth: intended as introduction of young human resources with a good basic technical background, to whom it is possible to transmit not only work experience but also new knowledge and update necessary to face the needs and the challenge imposed by the market.
Ongoing training: intended as an ongoing plan of training courses for the human resources aimed at updating them as regards the correct performance of their tasks and permitting the company to constantly review the level of their learning.
Evaluation: intended as a means of considering the work performance of the single human resources, in order to allow them to follow a professional path in line with their commitment and demonstrated capability.
Fair conduct: intended as a set of rules of fair behaviour and honest conduct while performing their tasks as well as their relations with their colleagues and the Company.


Stage & Co.


Certain that the relationship between the Company and the Universities and Scholastic Institutes can well start even before the end of the course of studies, in the Eltek Group we have started the project STAGE & Co. which, through the collaboration with Senior secondary schools and Universities, aims to integrate students through training, stages and preparation of thesis within the Company.