Business sectors

It represents the historical business of the Group.

Leading manufacturer of dispensers for detergent/rinse aid and thermal actuators, Eltek completes the offering with anti-flooding systems, solenoid valves, flow meters, ventilation systems, door interlock for ovens, etc.

Appreciated partner for the development of custom applications in various fields, Eltek provides its customers a team of designers to meet all requirements; the experience gained over decades of experience in the field, makes available an extensive know-how and this is proved by the many patents registered.



After more than thirty years of experience in the engineering and production of components, the Eltek Automotive Division can boast a rich technical know-how, combined with pioneering inventions and innovative high-tech solutions, making it a leading company in the industry.

The product range is designed and built not only for application on cars, but also on trucks and NRMM.

The Automotive Division is specialised in the production of sensors (temperature, pressure, pressure and temperature, speed and position, quality), heaters, integrated modules (modules for engine control and mechatronic systems), coils (reels and solenoids). Moulding and co-moulding parts complete the product range.



The company know-how (design, product development and technology) is applied to the Medical field for the production of precision plastic components (parts for medical and pharmaceutical devices, diagnostic devices and LOC), sensors (micro-pressure sensors, MEMS pressure and ceramic sensors), EC-marked medical devices, both as Legal and as a Contract Manufacturer under the provisions of EN ISO13485.