Part number: 107059
Part name: Cheek retractor
The mouth opener is a medical device used in dentistry and oral surgery. The device is designed to allow the retraction of the cheeks and lips, in order to maintain the dental arches and the inside of the mouth exposed, thus allowing: 1) better access for the dentist to the teeth to perform clinical procedures. 2) the patient to maintain the mouth in open position, reducing the muscle fatigue.
General characteristics:
  • Medical Device in Class I; EC mark
  • Exclusive use by medical professionals
  • Production in Clean-room Class ISO 7
  • Supplied in boxes containing two devices, individually wrapped
Technical data:
Material: Polycarbonate "Medical Grade" FDA-Modified ISO 10993, Part 1 "Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices".
Sterilization: Steam sterilization at 121°C
Packaging: Each piece is sealed in flat pouches, complying with UNI EN 868 (medical kraft paper/plastic film)
Useful life: up to 50 applications