Part name: Ceramic Pressure Sensor
The wide range of ceramic pressure sensors is available in three families: monolithic, with front membrane, capacitive. The monolithic pressure sensors are based on a monolithic ceramic structure with sensitive membrane in the cavity, for Relative pressure measurement. The piezoresistive bridge sensor is made with Thick Film Technology on a face of the diaphragm. The pressure sensors with front membrane are made of a ceramic membrane bonded on a ceramic body and exploit the piezoresistive effect. The sensors with front membrane are available for Absolute or Relative pressure measurement. The pressure sensor with capacitive ceramic cell and front membrane has been designed to offer special performance, in terms of long term stability and high resistance to overpressure. All types are also available with compensate temperature, calibrated for Offset, calibrated for Sensitivity. For more information, see:
General characteristics:
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Temperature compensation performed directly on the sensor
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Resistance to vibration and impacts
  • Main application: pumps for dialysis, infusion pumps, oxygenators and sterilizers, ... both in contact with gas and fluids
Technical data:
Pressure Range: FS: 0,06 bar to 600 bar
Temperature Range: -40 - +140°C
Sensor dimensions : Standard diameter 18 mm. Also available with diameter from 12,85 to 32,4 mm according sensor characteristics.
Sensor Output: Ratiometric (0,5 ...4,5 Vdc)
Differenzial (mV/V)
Current 4...20 mA
Analogic or Digital output
Capacity (pF)