Part name: Pressure microsensor
Innovative type of pressure sensors aimed at miniaturization of the components. The reduced dimensions allow for their integration, for example, within catheters, allowing direct measurement of the pressure inside the body, thus eliminating the need for use of an additional liquid as a means of transduction. The result is more accurate and precise measurement and analysis than the traditional measure. The microsensors are calibrated with specific equipment to ensure the correct output signal, and can be customized in different ranges of pressure. Additionally, for parts in contact with body fluids, the materials used are validated for the specific application. The range is available for both Relative and Absolute pressure measurement. For more information, see:
General characteristics:
  • Miniaturization
  • Digital calibration in different ranges of pressure
  • Temperature compensation
  • Materials suitable for contact with biological fluids
Technical data:
Pressure Range: - 100 - 300 mmHg (customizzable in several ranges)
Temperature Range: +15 °C - +40°C
Sensor Output: Ratiometric
Output Voltage: V DC, V AC analogic output (Wheatstone bridge equivalent)