Part name: Silicon Pressure Sensor (MEMS)
Development and production of a range of MEMS Pressure Sensors assembled on standard or customized size supports, pinout, terminals and materials. All the sensors are calibrated digitally using specific equipment to ensure the correct output signal, and can be customized in different ranges of pressure. Additionally, for parts in contact with body fluids, the materials used are validated for the specific application. The range is available for both Relative and Absolute pressure measurement. For more information, see:
General characteristics:
  • Different types of substrate (FR4, ceramic, ...)
  • Digital calibration in different ranges of pressure
  • Temperature compensation
  • Materials suitable for contact with biological fluids
  • Main application: pumps for dialysis, infusion pumps, oxygenators and sterilizers, ... both in contact with gas and fluids
Technical data:
Pressure Range: FS: 0,06 bar to 10 bar (customizzable in several FS range)
Temperature range: -20°C : +120°C
Sensor Output : Ratiometric (0,5 ...4,5 Vdc)
Analogic 0,5 - 4,5 V or digital Output
Current 4...20 mA Output