Part name: HCI Solenoid for Truck Exhaust system
FUEL CUT OFF VALVE Solenoid, integrated in HCI system (Hydrocarbon Injection System). The product incorporates the following functions: electrical connection (custom connector) for the CUT OFF coil of the fuel valve, the heat dissipation generated during powering since the solenoid operates in NC configuration, and the fastening of the component directly on the complete device. For this reason, the plastic materials used for solenoid coating and structure have special features, such as high thermo-mechanical resistance and high coefficient of heat dissipation.
General characteristics:
  • Automotive Designed
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • 2-way customized integrated connector
Technical data:
Temperature range -25°C ÷ +125°C
Nominal Ohmic Resistance 18,2 ohm
Nominal Inductance at 1KHz 25,5 mH
Operating Voltage 10 - 16 VDC