Part name: T-MAP Pressure Sensor
Eltek TMAP sensor is suitable for measuring absolute pressure and temperature in the rail of CNG and LPG systems. The sensor is approved for gas applications according to UN ECE R110 and UN ECE R67 class 2. It is also suitable for measuring pressure range up to 5,5 bar in turbocharger systems.
General characteristics:
  • Temperature Compensated (2 points)
  • Pressure Compensated (2 points)
  • Custom Calibration by Conditioning IC
  • Analog or Digital Output
  • Automotive Designed
  • HV, RP and Short Circuit Protection
  • Safety and Diagnostic Functions
  • Long Term Stability
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Piezoresistive Technology (silicon MEMS)
  • Real Time Measure
  • Custom Connector
Technical data:
Accuracy ± 48mbar 10°C... 110°C
± 62mbar T=-20°C
± 72mbar T=-40°C
± 72mbar T=+130°C
Pressure Range 0,5 bar.........3,5 bar abs
(other pressure ranges available on demand; lower limit = 0,1 bar abs, upper limit = 5,5 bar abs)
Nominal resistence of temperature sensor at 20°C 2,5 Kohm ± 5%
Operating Voltage (nominal): 5.0 ± 0,5 V
Maximum Voltage -14V....+16V
ESD (ISO 10605): ± 15KV Air discharge
± 8KV Direct contact
Diagnostic Functions output goes above
4,5V and/or below 0,22V in case of failure
Supply Current < 10 mA
Output Voltage (Vout) 0,5V....4,5 V ratiometric
Digital Standard I2C
Digital Custom OWI
Temperature Range -40°C....+130°C
Medium LPG or CNG