Part name: DPS=Differential Pressure Sensor
Eltek differential pressure sensor (DPS) is suitable for measuring the pressure difference of exhaust gas between in and out of the diesel particulate filter. This measurement provides information to the ECU in order to drive the DPF cleaning operation. Suitable for PC-LD applications. Chemical resistance to medium is guaranteed by means of approved materials. The sensitive element is a ceramic element capable of detecting the differential pressure, integrating a printed circuit, which is directly assembled on the sensor. The sensor output is ratiometric with the power supply. Calibration procedure, fault conditions management, ESD and EMI requirements are guaranteed and approved for automotive sector.
General characteristics:
  • Chemical resistance guaranteed by means of a ceramic sensing element
  • Temperature Compensated (3 points)
  • Pressure Compensated (2 points)
  • Custom Calibration by Conditioning IC
  • Analog or Digital Output
  • Automotive Designed
  • HV, RP and Short Circuit Protection
  • Safety and Diagnostic Functions
  • Long Term Stability
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Piezoresistive Technology (Thick Film)
  • Real Time Measure
  • Electric custom connection
  • Custom Hydraulic Port (stailess steel)
Technical data:
Accuracy ± 0,012 bar 0 bar... 0,7 bar differential
± 0,016 bar 0,7 bar... 0,95 bar differential
Factor X1,5 0...0,95 bar differential /
Differential Pressure Range 0 bar.........0,95 bar differential
(other pressure ranges available)
Max Continuous Pressure 2 bar
Burst Pressure 5 bar
Operating Voltage (nominal) 5.0 ± 0,25 V
Maximum Voltage -18V....+32V
ESD (ISO 10605): ± 15KV Air discharge (±25KV on demand)
± 8KV Direct contact
Diagnostic Functions output goes above
4,8V and/or below 0,2V in case of failure
Supply Current < 10 mA
Output Voltage (Vout) 0,5V....4,6 V ratiometric
Digital Standard I2C
Digital Custom OWI
Response Time from 10% to 90% <10 ms
Temperature Range -40°C....+130°C
+150°C for 30'
Insulation Resistance min 10 MΩ
Medium exhaust gas