Part number: 100885
Part name: Filter group
The component is a mechanical filter usefull to protect water inlet of appliances or water-heater with three main additional functionalities: 1) Possibility of end-user inspection/cleaning of the filter. 2) Magnet on-board for iron particles filtering. 3) Integrated flow-control with adjustable flow curve. The filter assembly can be used as a stand-alone component or integrated with flowmeter or flowswitch.
General characteristics:
  • Glass filled PA material.
  • Food grade (WRAS
  • Custom hydraulic connections
  • Option for integrated flow switch or flow meter.
  • Compact design (à Replacement of current solutions).
Technical data:
Ambient temperature 2° C ÷ 70° C
Relative humidity 20% ÷ 95%
Fluid measured drinking water
Temperature of the fluid measured 2° C ÷ 70° C
Operating pressure 0.02 MPa ÷ 1 MPa (0.2 ÷ 10 bar)
Burst pressure >=30 bar
Pressure loss <=295 mbar at 12 l/min